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was this removed from the indie bundle for palestanian aid, if so why was it removed and is there any way to get the game from the bundle if i never attempted to download it while it was still in the bundle


Just wanted to say a huge thank you to the devs for doing such a great job dealing with the issues surrounding the bundle/steam keys. You guys are awesome!


Hi! Buying the pack with game, soundtrack and artbook will  also help UN relief efforts? Or just the game alone? 


During the Palestine Benefit Sale (a.k.a. through Sunday June 13th 2021) all revenue that LimboLane makes from Smile For Me and DLC will be donated to the UNRWA. So yes, we'll be donating all the profits from the Mouthful Edition on Steam!
Thank you for asking!


For the Steam keys from the bundle:

1.  You had to have attempted to install the game before it was removed from the bundle.

2. Open the game's page on your browser, and there should be a new download button on top.

Thx for this.  It was the first game I tried to download from the bundle lol

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Hey, I downloaded the game (meaning the PDF with the Steam instructions) and still have it in my itch library. I am not seeing a download button on your itch page, nor have I heard any news on receiving a Steam key. I tried following the instructions below, but was only sent to the website for the game, which didn't really lead me anywhere. Am I supposed to be getting the key emailed to me by itch, or how exactly is this supposed to work? What does the download button, if found and clicked, do?

EDIT: I just realized this message should perhaps have been a reply to one of Day Lane's messages, but whoever has a good answer will be met with great appreciation.


hey, I bought the game a while back and I no longer have access to the email I had when I bought the game. is there any way to change the email the key gets sent to to my current email address, or do I have to buy the game again?

I'm sorry, that's a question for Itch support! I don't have power over that sort of account issue.

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Update June 9, 2021:

Keys have been enabled for  those who tried to download the game from the bundle!
Message from Itch Support: "They can find the link on their library to go back to purchase page where they will be able to claim a Steam key using the usual process. If they are having trouble finding it, they can enter their purchase email on this page:"

Original post: 

Hi, we've removed a few comments that were redundant.

Due to a miscommunication, our Steam keys aren't compatible with the Palestine Aid bundle. We didn't know that would happen before we joined the bundle.

If you are one of the people who bought the bundle and tried to redeem our game, we are going to be enabling key redemption for you. It will take a little time to enable, but within 48 hours you should be able to redeem a steam key as a Thank You for purchasing the Palestine Aid bundle.

Again, thank you to everyone who politely emailed us letting us know about this bug. Sorry for the confusion and the inconvenience. In the meantime, we hope you'll enjoy the other amazing games in the Palestine Aid bundle, and you'll have Smile For Me soon enough.



Thanks man. I hope we are not giving too much grief! ^_^


Thanks so much!

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I had just gotten the bundle but had missed this news. Thank you for the heads up.


Will we get a key if we purchased the bundle after the game was removed or is it only for people that purchased it before then? I had heard the game would be included but didn't get around to purchasing until now...


same here!


Yeah me too :(


Sorry, unfortunately Itch won't allow us to enable key access for the people who bought the bundle after the game was removed.
However, this Tuesday or Wednesday LimboLane will be creating our own Smile For Me sale to benefit the same Palestinian Relief funds. Keep an eye out for our game to be steeply discounted next week!


I bought the bundle in the first few hours when all games were automatically added to our libraries. I didn't get to re-adding the game manually after they undid that, so I hope I still get a chance to play this game. :)


I will definatly keep an eye out for the sale thank you! I'm excited to try your game!


I bought the bundle before the game was removed but I can't find the Steam key and now it looks like I don't have the game in my purchases at all!


Did you attempt to download the game before it was removed from the bundle? Itch only allowed us to enable keys for the people who tried to download the game in the bundle. Sorry to hear this happened to you!

Ahhh, no I didn't (had no idea that this would be a factor).

Anyway, sorry  you had to deal with the hassle but thank-you for supporting this bundle! =)

Thank you. This is definitely one of the games I'm looking forward to playing, although there are plenty of other great games in the bundle to keep me busy in the mean time. 


How will we be notified of the Steam Key?



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Edit: Refer back to the top post of this thread and see my edited comment there! It has details on retrieving your Steam key.

Hi! Itch hasn't yet told us how users will be notified of the keys going live. If Itch support gets back to us before keys go live and tells us how you will be notified, I'll amend this comment to relay their answer!

Thanks a lot devs!

thank you for the heads up !!

Thanks so much! Really looking forward to your game, thanks for being part of the bundle and for dealing with the confusion so quickly.


Hi there devs , i just got around to reading some of the comments here , so if i bought the bundle before the game was removed but didn't try to download the game until after its removal am i eligible for the Steam key ? just wanted some clarification on this. Thank you


Sorry, we're not able to give keys to anyone who didn't attempt to download the game before it was removed. Please keep an eye out for Smile For Me's sale this coming week if you still want to purchase it!

Ah well that's unfortunate , i will pick it up later during the sale , thanks for the clarification

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Hello, I've been following updates, looking for a way to download this since seeing it in the bundle list. 

Although I did start following the account and "added" the game to my collection list,

I'm not sure if I clicked the download button or not...

It's possible that I didn't because of all the comments saying that it wasn't working, so we naively thought something would be worked out for us - if so that's very frustrating!


You could provide an itch version. That would be significantly easier than messing with Steam keys and everyone would get it.


Unfortunately, that's currently not an option with this game. But for future projects, we will consider doing that.

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Hey thank you, I can't wait to try out your game. It looks amazing, Also looking forward to your upcoming projects (hopefully).

Edit: Downloading the game now, big thank. 


Well, that’s a pita! Let’s hope it is fixed soon enough.

Thanks, and please keeps us updated!

I purchased the bundle before the game was removed. However, I cannot seem to claim the key without purchasing it again on the game page.


just want to say thank you for this. you're not obligated to give a steam key since you are not participating in the bundle anymore, but you did it anyway. that definitely is a plus in my book. i really appreciate it :)


What an incredible work of art, I love it so much!!!


Y’alls game gives me serotonin tysm


Congrats on hitting the number 2 spot on the Steam250 Hidden Gems list!


Thank you :)


I've waited a while to play this game and it has lived up to all of my expectations and more! Smile for me is a fantastic game filled with amazing characters and so much mystery. I love the nodding or shaking to agree or disagree its simple but its amazing. I would Highly recommend this game for anyone who's on the fence.