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though it was a fairly simple game, i really liked the art style and the different personalities that came with each customer! i feel like this would be a really nice game to play when youre feeling a bit under the weather due to its lighthearted nature :)


Really lovely game :D

I love seeing everyone's creations in the comments!

I can't help but think these are reminiscent to some characters from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends!

Here's mine:

My favorite faces I made are Chandler Fallows (anime catgirl lover), Messy Steven (messy boy), Brittany Bulldog (murderer), and Roy Handshaker (a gentleman).

I especially love Messy Steven! <3

Love your Housecat Man! Thanks for playing our game ๐Ÿ˜„



I love what you've done with Halfway Chort!


Lovely game 


Omg I love how adorable all of yours are!

So cute!

How come you can never get 2 sets of same eye?


i love them


A very nice game! Making faces was very fun :-) I tried to make Habit but gave up midway and made a new face lmao

The two I love the most are Housecat and Wexler <3


this is so nice, I really tried with using my creativity for this!


love it


The game was absolutely fantastic I played it a few months ago but have been busy with the holidays, just published my video a few days ago. I would really enjoy an actual full length game and story to go along with the wonky creations maybe follow them around on dates or something. 

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It's strange yet fun to give a person a face! Everybody looks amazing no matter what somehow, i'm jealous.


First off, you all did such a fantastic job! I thought it was hilarious and although I do wish more items would appear, what did appear was great! Would have loved to have a little more time with my "creation" -- if this does become a full product would love to see a short little visual novel scenario playout for their dates or what not, even if it's like 10-15. Or just to see them in the world.

But again, really polished and a lot of fun. I had a little slowdown but I contribute that to the Itchio HTML5 player.

I really want to do more of this please make a expanded version.


We would love to do more! Perhaps if enough players want it.. 



cool game. hey boss... did you say "laser"?

SOOO good and charming as always!

I....wha...I have so many questions and no answers...