Anniversary Epilogue!!

Dear Habiticians, of past present and future...

Smile For Me was released one year ago today. Today, we released the long-anticipated epilogue, in the form of an interactive webpage.

Smile For Today features brand new dialogue from all the Habiticians, and new music by Lucas Saur and EZIA.

Most importantly, it features a wide range of work from artists in the Smile For Me community, who have taken to heart the game’s message by being kind, generous, and surprising in their support of one another. The Habiticians have something to say to you. Why don’t you go see what the hubbub is all about?

Right now, the world is a scary place.

We hope that you can use art to care for yourself and others. But we also ask that you do not turn a blind eye on the injustice and brutality that are inescapable for so many. Starting 3:00PM EST, Smile For Me will be 50% off for a week. During this sale, all of the money we make will be given to Reclaim the Block, as well as local bail and relief funds. We believe strongly that grassroots organizing is the most effective way to combat the deep hurt imposed on black and poc communities.

Let’s make this world better.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for a year of kindness and community.

You make us smile.


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