Last week, Smile For Me turned 1 year old. To celebrate, we released the interactive epilogue, telling the story of the habiticians one year later.

We also ran a big sale; the proceeds of which would be donated to Reclaim the Block and local bail funds for Black Lives Matter protestors.

We expected to raise a decent amount of money. Maybe $4,000? $5,000?

Instead, you raised over 10 thousand dollars for Black Lives Matter organizations!

On the first day of the sale, we sold more copies of Smile For Me than the day we first released. We're overjoyed that the money from those sales can go to a cause we support with all our heart.
Thousands of new players joined the community as existing players tweeted, made art, and spread kind words about the game. 

Since we released the game a year ago, we've been blown away by the love and kindness endemic to the Smile For Me community. We created the epilogue in order to thank you for the positivity you put into the world. By making this fundraiser a massive success, you proved again that the Smile For Me fans are the best fans.

We want to thank you for buying, sharing, and talking about the game; you helped us donate tons of money to some great organizations. You make us smile.

Keep on spreading love, and stay safe!



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